Task updates

Picture of dimensions and row pattern for task 1.

There is an important update. In task 4 there will be an additional assessment of the cleanliness of the ‘weeds’ (tees) when you store them on the machine. Try to pick up as less soil as possible.

Some general aspects. The curvature of the rows will not be strong. Between the rows you will not need strong steering action, if you do a good setting of the parameters of your control algorithm 😉 . The sketch in the description of task 1 is quite realistic, although the realization can vary from year to year.

In task 3 there will be a punishment also for signalling without weeds (tees).

In task 4 every tee counts which is either carried outside the crop area or even to the finish line after passing all 3 rows. Carrying on the machine is ok.

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