Field Robot Design Award

Beside the task awards this year the exclusive and invited sponsor partner top agrar will donate the robot design award. top agrar will evaluate the robots by reading the booklet, examining the robots during practice and by interviewing the teams during the competition and comparing to state‐of‐the‐art within robotics.

top agrar will assess the robots in relation to the technological system solution in terms of the theoretical potential for navigating on agricultural fields and conducting applications. The performance of the robots during the competition shall NOT be included in the assessment, because the competition will cover this already.

Criteria will be e.g.:

  • Appearance
  • General chassis and drive concept
  • Control and sensor concept
  • Functionality potential
  • Reliability potential, Robustness
  • Energy concept
  • Material, Weight
  • Costs (for machine without sensors)

top agrar will hand out the noncash award to the team with the best design during the main awarding ceremony. top agrar contributes to the event as a regular sponsor.

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