Will there be stones in the weed patches?

Task 4: Will the soil in the area where the tees are placed be uneven like the rest of the row or will it be adjusted to be flatter? The soil will be irregular and not flattened, but there will be no stones or pebbles.


Do the tees have to be automatically unloaded?

Task 4: Do we need to put the tees somewhere at the finish line (e.g. into some sorting container), or is it enough that they are carried there? Every tee counts which is either carried outside the crop area or even to the finish line after passing all 3 rows. Carrying on the machine is […]


What happens if a detection is signaled when there is no weed?

Task 3: If there is signalling of detection (acoustic signal) where there are no “weeds”, is this to be considered as a false positive or how is this performance graded? There will be a punishment also for signalling without weeds (tees).

Picture of dimensions and row pattern for task 1.

How much is the curvature of the rows?

Task 1: How much, at most, is the curvature of the rows? That is, is it significant or negligible in a navigation sense (do we need to make heavy turns or only minor adjustments to the steering angles)? The curvature of the rows will not be strong. Between the rows you will not need strong steering […]


Which combinations of blue and red tees in the patches are possible?

Which combinations of blue and red tees in the patches are possible in task 3 and 4? For example is it possible if there are patches containing only blue or red tees? In task 3 there will be always mixtures, never only one colour. In task 4 there will be only one colour in all […]


Is it allowed to use GPS?

Is it allowed to place a base station for differential GPS? GPS is not allowed, except in the Freestyle task.