Technical Comittee on: Agricultural Robotics and Automation
Program October, 2013

Changying “Charlie” Li, University of Georgia, USA: Development of Sensing Technologies for Specialty Crops and Fiber

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In the past six years, Dr. Li has established a research program focusing on developing sensing and automation technologies to enhance the quality and profitability of specialty crops and cotton. Specifically, he has been primarily working on three research areas: enhance the efficiency of vegetable post-harvest sorting and storage through hyperspectral imaging and machine olfaction technologies; measure and reduce bruise damages in blueberry mechanical harvest by developing an “electronic blueberry”; and improve cotton fiber quality through optical sensing and effective ginning.

 In this talk, Dr. Li will give an overview of his recent research projects and explore opportunities of collaborating with engineers and scientists in the Agricultural Robotics community.


Dr. Changying Li currently is Associate Professor at the College of Engineering of the University of Georgia (UGA), USA. He received his Ph.D. in agricultural engineering from Pennsylvania State University in 2006. His main research interest are bio-sensing and instrumentation and their application in agricultural and biological systems.

Dr. Li received the “Gary A. Herzog Award of Excellence for Junior Research Scientist” from University of Georgia Tifton Campus and “Early Career Award” from the Association of Overseas Chinese Agricultural, Biological, and Food Engineers, both in 2011. He was selected as “UGA Research Fellow” in 2009. He is Associate Editor of the Transactions of ASABE and Applied Engineering in Agriculture. He has been a reviewer for the USDA and NSF. He has won research grants totaling more than $1M dollars and published more than 80 papers in peer reviewed journals and proceedings. In the past five years, the graduate students he mentored have won seven major awards either at the university level or national level.

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