Technical Comittee on: Agricultural Robotics and Automation
Program Januari, 2014

David Kohanbash,Carnegie Mellon University , USA: A Safety Architecture for Autonomous Agricultural Vehicles

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Sixty years after debuting in industrial environments, robots are making their way into our everyday life. Farmers have benefited for some time from self-guided machinery including combines and harvesters. More recently, multi-purpose autonomous vehicles have started to be deployed in orchards, groves, nurseries, and other agricultural environments to automate or augment operations such as pruning, thinning, harvesting, mowing, and spraying. Successful commercialization of such vehicles will depend heavily on them being able to operate safely and avoid accidents involving humans, animals, trees, and farm infrastructure. We propose a safety architecture to guide the design and deployment of autonomous agricultural vehicles and their introduction into production environments. This architecture is not final but a starting point for commercializing robots that is open for discussion.


David Kohanbash is an engineer at Carnegie Mellon University in the Field Robotics Center and has been building robots there since 2006. He has worked in many areas including self driving cars, planetary robots, agricultural robots, and wireless sensor networks. David’s background is in electrical engineering and specializes in high level electronics and low level software. He also runs the professional robotics blog.

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