Technical Comittee on: Agricultural Robotics and Automation
Program June, 2014

Joe Jones, Founder and CTO, Harvest Automation, USA: Three Million and Counting: How Real Robots are Revolutionizing Real Nurseries

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Over the past two years Harvest Automation’s HV-100 robots have moved millions of container-grown plants on US nursery farms and greenhouses. The inventors credit guidance from certain principles of market, technology, and price with facilitating the transformation of idea into commercial product—an all-too-rare occurrence for mobile robots. The talk will discuss the motivating principles and will describe the HV-100’s technology and area of application.


Joseph L. Jones is cofounder and CTO of Harvest Automation, Inc. His primary interest is the practical application of robotic technology to real-world problems. Prior to forming Harvest, Mr. Jones was a senior roboticist with iRobot Corporation. There he proposed and helped develop the Roomba floor cleaning robot. Before joining iRobot Mr. Jones served on the research staff at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. A graduate of MIT, he holds 25 US and several international patents.

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