Technical Comittee on: Agricultural Robotics and Automation
Program October 2016

John Reid, John Deere & Co., USA: Autonomous Driving in Agriculture Leading to Autonomous Worksite Solutions

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A transformation of agriculture began and reached commercial maturity at the beginning of this century that has provided increased customer value from the basis of automating steering system control in crop production systems. The maturity of this technology has led to increased machine system productivity over the last decade leading to increasingly integrated solutions with increased customer value in terms of comfort and productivity. This sets agricultural production ecosystem on a course of new forms of innovation opportunity at the worksite level that is being greatly accelerated by the maturity of the technologies supporting cyber-physical systems. This talk will review the progress from the perspective of the customer value and the industry execution of autonomous driving technologies and will describe the pathways to autonomous worksites, in addition to the challenges to the industry with the emergence of new business models for autonomy.


Dr. Reid is the Director of John Deere's Product Technology and Innovation, responsible for the company's Global Technology Innovation Network. John Deere's network of technology innovation centers in Europe, India, China, Latin America, and North America leverage internal and externalR&D linkages to accelerate contributions of technology innovation to business growth. Reid and his colleagues have developed an Accelerated Innovation Process and Enterprise Technology Process to coordinate the delivery of technology innovations to the marketplace and to build capabilities to support future business growth ambitions. In previous roles, Reid provided enterprise support for John Deere's technology strategy in automated and unmanned vehicle systems.

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