CERES II wins Freestyle task

CERES II showed a robotic arm in the freestyle task. This arm, completely developed and build by them, is very impressive. It can lift 6 kg and includes a tool head to fit different grippers and actuators. It also measures the force applied by the gripper.


The overall winner of the event is Bullseye!

In the first online version of the international Field Robot event team, Robatic was very successful with their robot Bullseye. They won the overall prize. The second prize went to CERES II and Carbonite came in third.


CERES II wins Removal of objects task

This year’s task 4, requiring robots to remove 10 objects and place them outside the crop on the headland, was the toughest of 18th Field Robot event. Only 3 teams managed to start in this task, but all failed to perform the required action. CERES II won because it damaged the least plants, Bullseye became […]


Bullseye wins the Field Mapping task

In task 3, the robots scout for weeds and trash in the field. Bullseye detected; eight out of ten. CERES II became second and Carbonite third.


Bullseye wins Advanced Navigation task

In Task 2, Bullseye did an excellent job. They were the only team to complete the entire field within the limited time of 3 minutes without damaging any plants. Carbonite, the team with no driver’s licence at all, won the second prize. Farmbeast finished in third place.


Beteigeuze NOVA wins Basic Navigation task

The first winner of the Basic Navigation task of the online international Field Robot event is Beteigeuze Nova. They managed to finish the entire virtual field in 2:22 minutes, with only four plants damaged! The second place went to Carbonite, the 2019 base navigation winner. Bullseye came in third.


Event to be streamed live on DLG’s digital platform

The Field Robot Event is a partner of the DLG Feldtage event. The DLG is streaming this event live on its digital platform. Information on how to participate:• Attending this virtual event is free of charge and requires a simple registration on DLG’s digital platform.• Registration is open from June 7.• The link to the […]


Important updates for teams

The containers for the field robot event are now available at Github! Further information can be found in the README.md. The ground texture has been updated. It does not longer contain images of weeds. Changes in the task: All tasks: The starting will always be on the right side of the field. (first turn left) […]


New world!

Now on Git a new world with waste and weeds is available. Check: https://github.com/FieldRobotEvent/Virtual_Field_Robot_Event


Registration is open!

Register your team for FRE 2021 by filling out the registration form on our website (through the Event tab in the menu above).

New sample world

New virtual environments!

Check our GitHub! New versions of the virtual environment have been released with improvements for each task.


Tasks updated!

Have a look at the contest and tasks pages. They have been updated for the online event!

3D meshes of real maize plants.

Kamaro Engineering joins the development of the virtual maize field! Will you join too?

A digital Field Robot Event poses some serious challenges but also brings new opportunities. Due to the digital nature of a virtual event, we can now easily collaborate internationally. Since today Kamaro engineering, a well-known participant of the Field Robot Event, is contributing to the development of the digital simulation environment. Kamaro engineering already made […]

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We will conduct a virtual Field Robot Event in 2021!

In order to prepare, if you have only little experience in GAZEBO/ROS, we recommend to follow the link on the “Virtual environment” page. This will be also the place where we will publish more details about the event soon! We still suggest a rough preliminary task description like: Basic (1) and advanced navigation (2), an […]


Online event 2021

After the cancellation for 2020 we are happy to inform you that we will conduct a Field Robot Event in 2021. Although the C-problem continues we do not want to give up. After some discussions we want to offer a virtual and remote event, because the conditions to prepare for the event are difficult and […]