Does an object in task 4 count as picked up if it is delivered on the headland?

Points are given for both picking up objects and delivering them to the headland. It is allowed to move an object, without picking it up, for example by pushing it forward? Does an object count as picked up if it is delivered on the headland, regardless of how it comes there? So, would you get 3 + 6 = 9 points for getting an object to the right headland?

This task is about precision agriculture. The robot is allowed to push the object to the headland, but without a clear act of picking up, you will only earn points for the delivery.

Is the object type provided in task 4?

In the description of taks 4 mentions that the location of the objects is provided beforehand. The task however requires knowledge on the type of object, to be able to deliver it to the right headland. Is this information on the type of each object also provided?

The type of each object will also be provided.

Are the object of task 3 and 4 in between or in the rows ?

Upon reading the description of tasks 3 and 4, some confusion was raised.
In tasks 3 was stated: “The objects will be placed within the rows NOT between the rows”. In task 4 was stated “The different objects are placed between the rows”.

The weeds and beer cans will be randomly distributed across the field. So they can be in between and in the rows. No objects are located on the headlands.

3D meshes of real maize plants.

Kamaro Engineering joins the development of the virtual maize field! Will you join too?

A digital Field Robot Event poses some serious challenges but also brings new opportunities. Due to the digital nature of a virtual event, we can now easily collaborate internationally.

Since today Kamaro engineering, a well-known participant of the Field Robot Event, is contributing to the development of the digital simulation environment. Kamaro engineering already made some beautiful 3D meshes of real maize plants (see picture).

We, as Field Robot Event organisation, are very enthusiastic about this collaboration and we would love to see this field robot community grow. If you have questions, ideas, or want to help with the digital environment, contact us using the discussion thread in the git repository.

The Field Robot Event

The Field Robot Event shows a vision of the future of modern precision agriculture. Right now, a small revolution is taking place. A new breed of robots will soon be able to carry out a variety of tasks in row crops, such as weeding, spraying and disease monitoring. Agricultural robots working in a field, completely autonomous: the Field Robot Event proves this is possible!

We invite students, professionals and other participants to enter our annual international open-air field robot contest: the only open-air agricultural field robot contest in the world.

The contest allows unlimited creativity: no restrictions apply to the robot design and construction. As we have seen during the previous Field Robot Events, our participants know how to be creative!
The Field Robot Event includes a contest, of course, but exchanging experiences and networking are an important part of the program, too. Everyone who is interested in robots is welcome to come and enjoy the Field Robot Event!