The overall winner of the event is Helios evo!

Helios evo and Carbonite ended up with the same number of points (105) and also TAFR and Dschubba had the same number of points (97)

If two or more teams have the same number of points for the overall ranking, the team with the better placements during all four tasks (1, 2, 3 and 4) will be ranked higher.

Which makes Helios evo the winner, a second place for Carbonite and a third place for TAFR. Dscubba became fourth.

Checklist for arrivals to the FRE 2019

  • Unfortunately, it is not allowed to put camping beds in the gym (accommodation, sports hall). There was still an error in the flyer. The updated version and more arrival information can be found under ‘Downloads‘. Air mattresses and sleeping pads are fine.
  • Within the gym, it is not allowed to wear street shoes. Please, use shoes with soft soles inside the gym. For example, gym shoes or slippers are fine.
  • Public transport for bus, shuttles, and trains (S-Bahn) is included in the BUGA-Ticket. Near the accommodation there are bus stops and at the main station. The BUGA shuttles go from the main station to the visitor entrances. But the closest entrance to the FRE location is the maintenance entrance (Hafenstr. 4). It is marked for the FRE.

Robot description; Template available!

Registered teams are asked to provide us with a short description of their robot including a photo for the program booklet (technical specifications, special features etc.). A text template is now available under ‘Downloads’.

We stress the point, that you will not be allowed to participate when you do not provide the short description latest 24th of May 2019.

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I agree

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Major changes in task 3 and 4

There are major changes in task 3 and 4:

For task 3, the robots are navigating autonomously. The robots shall detect weed patches represented by pink golf balls and obstacles represented by yellow tennis balls. Task 3 is conducted on the area used in task 2 with straight rows. The map created in this task will be used in task 4. Up to ten obstacles may be placed in the field, either between rows or in the headland. Obstacles must not be passed regardless of whether the robot can do so without touching them. Up to ten weeds may be placed in the field. All weeds will be placed between rows. The rules for entering the field, moving the robot, using remote controller etc. are the same as in task 1 and task 2.

In task 4 the main robot should be equipped with a crop sprayer capable of spraying water.
The robot may use the map created in task 3 to produce an optimised path that allows it to spray all of the weeds in the shortest possible time. Teams will be allowed 10 minutes to configure their robot for spraying and load an optimised path into its navigation system. The path optimisation process can be completed using a computer that is independent of the main robot, but this process must be completed within the 10 minute time window.
Alternatively, the robot may go without a map or an optimised path. Without an optimised path, it is more difficult to complete the task within 3 minutes.
The robots shall precisely spray the weeds mapped in task 3. It is not permitted to touch or pass the yellow tennis balls.

FRE at BUGA 2019

Hello everyone,

The place will be BUGA  ( It will be from 17.06. till 21.06. on the BUGA area in Heilbronn.

At the moment we are planning the tasks. They will be very similar to the last events, so there should be no surprise in the task description.

Greetings from Heilbronn