1. Navigation

Preliminary description! There can be changes during next weeks.

To be discussed in the teams meeting.

General description

For this task, the robots are navigating autonomously through a maize field. Turning has to follow adjacent rows and according to a given particular pattern. This task is all about accuracy, smoothness and speed of the navigation operation between the rows. Within three minutes, the robot has to navigate through the rows. The aim is to cover as much travelled distance as possible.

Virtual and Field Environment

First rows are without intra-row gaps to make it easy for robots to start. Then a part follows with intra-row gaps even on both sides. Last part will be to follow a particular given turning and row pattern. The code for a path pattern, for example, may be given as: S – 1L – 1R – 1L – 1R – 1L – 1R – 1L – 1R – 3L – 2L – 2R – 1R – 5L – F.
Random stones and pebbles are placed along the path. Therefore, machine ground clearance is required.
There will be no gaps in the row entries as well as at the end of the rows. The ends of the rows may not be in the same line.
The headland will be perhaps indicated by a fence or ditch or similar.

Rules for robots

Each robot has only one attempt.
The maximum available time for the run is 3 min.


The distance travelled following the given path during task duration is measured. (As soon as the robot leaves the specified path, the distance measurement will stop.) The final distance will be calculated including especially a bonus factor when the end of the field is reached in less time than 3 min. The final distance including a bonus factor is calculated as:
Sfinal [m] = Scorrected [m] * 3 [min] / tmeasured [min]

The corrected distance includes travelled distance and the penalty values. Travelled distance, penalty values and performance time are measured by the jury officials.
Crop plant damage by the robot will result in a penalty of 2 % of total row length distance in meter per damaged plant. (Example: 10 rows x 5 m = 50 m max. distance, means a penalty of 1 m per damaged plant.)

Picture 2 – Concept of a field structure (example).
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