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The registration will be open until 11th May 2021.

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    Important agreement:
    By submitting the registration you agree to provide the following:

    • A short description of your team and your robot including a photo for the program booklet and website before 25th May 2021. A text template is available under 'Downloads'.
    • A video of approximately 1 minute to introduce your team and your robot before 1st June 2021.
    • A text contribution to the "FRE 2021 Proceedings": Describe your robot more in technical feature details (ca. 5 pages) can be submitted after the event.

    We stress the point, that you will not be allowed to participate when you do not provide the short description and the video. The registration will be confirmed soon including an invoice stating participation fee of €200 per team. For registration later the 11th May 2021 the fee increases tot €250.

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