Welcome to the 12th Field Robot Event 16.-18. June 2015!

In 2015 the FRE will be arranged by the University of Maribor, Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Hoče, Slovenia.

Field Robot Event 2015

The CLAAS Foundation can help you! Apply for a seed funding by 27th February 2015!


The Field Robot Event shows a vision of the future of modern precision agriculture. Right now, a small revolution is taking place. A new breed of robots will soon be able to carry out a variety of tasks in row crops, such as weeding, spraying and disease monitoring. Agricultural robots working in a field, completely autonomous: the Field Robot Event proves this is possible!
Fontys University of Applied Sciences invites students and school teams to enter our annual international open-air field robot contest: the only open-air agricultural field robot contest in the world.
The contest allows unlimited creativity: no restrictions apply to the robot design and construction. As we have seen during the previous Field Robot Events, our participants know how to be creative!
The Field Robot Event includes a contest, of course, but exchanging experiences and networking are an important part of the program, too. Everyone who is interested in robots is welcome to come to Venlo and enjoy the Field Robot Event.

For more information, mail to Info@FieldRobot.nl

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